Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Simplifying Rational Expressions

First of all we played with the Google translator. Woohoo!

The class was kind of slow today, we just did some questions on simplifying rational expressions.

Some notes:
  • We don't do subtraction in High school, we add a negative number.
  • Give everybody a home
  • Expressions are different from Equations:
In an expression, the denominator remains while in an equation,
the denominator is cleared out.

This is one of the expressions Mr. Kuropatwa asked us to do:

First, we factor it out.

Before we lose a mark, we should state the restrictions now.

Then we find the common denominators which is:

Now we should multiply each expressions with the number one, in another form, and it should give us the common denominator "because we built it that way".


Then we just add the numerators because we already have the common denominators.

This would be the final result.

But... in some expressions we could still further by factoring the numerator and reducing any common factors, but in this case we can't. Mr. K taught us a way to find out if we can still factor an expression, here's how:

We multiply the leading coefficient by the constant.

Then we look for the factor of that number that will add up to 9 which is the middle term.
In this case we can't and that makes it a PRIME number!

That's all I could say so see yah!

And Levi would be the next scribe...

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