Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1, 2008

Today was a Workshop Class. Mr. K put a question on the smart board and one person from each group wrote an answer. We were only able to get two questions done and Mr. K went through the second one. Before all that, he showed us a picture. The picture had stairs that were consecutively getting bigger.

Each staircase represents an area of a rectangle and how each staircase above it is 4 times bigger then the one below it.

Question 1

The area of figure F is 30cm². If the dimensions of figure F are multiplied by a scale factor of 4, what is the area of the new figure?

Area = 30cm²

Scale Factor = 4² = 16

New Area = 30cm² x 16 = 480cm²

I am not quite sure what the diagrams and fractions represent but the question was to find the area of the new figure so I think this answer would give you full marks.

Question 2

Prove that if a parallelogram has one right angle, then all its angles are right angles, that is, the angles of a rectangle are all right angles.

Basically write reasons why the parallelogram is actually a rectangle because it has a right angle.

Statement 1:∟ABC = 90°

Reason: Because consecutive angles are supplementary.

Statement 2: ∟BCD = ∟BAD = 90°

Reason: Because opposite angles are congruent.

Statement 3: ∟CDA = 90°

Reason: Because all quadrilaterals equal 360°.

*Mr. K assigned the rest of the questions and Exercise 31 and 32 for homework.

*There won’t be a math class tomorrow.

*The pretest for this unit will be this Wednesday

And yeah. I think that was all we did today. Although this class seemed a bit longer then it usually is, this was all I got out of it. Write a comment if you have any questions or if I had forgotten something. The next scribe post will be from Madstaah. CHEYEAH!

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