Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In today's class, we started off with the Pre-Test. When our time was up, we were put into groups. In our groups, we were given 15 minutes to work together in getting the best/right answer. We then worked together on the answers. One of the people from the group was to be the spy for a minute. The spy could go anywhere around the room and ask other groups about the questions they had difficulty on. When the minute was up, he gave up an extra 4 minutes to finish up the Pre-Test and hand in one paper from each group with all the people from the group's names.

The Answer for this was B.
3.5 x 4 x 1/4 = 3.5 cm
In the beginning, I actually thought that this question was easy. That I just had to multiply 3.5 cm by 4.0 cm and then divide it by a half because of the scale factor of 1:2 which I thought meant to just divide by 1/2. It actually means that the area changes by (1/2)^2.

The Answer for this was C.
Formula for the Surface Area of a Sphere: 4pr²
In this question, you should just know the formula for a Sphere which is 4pr². After that, you just plug in the radius. It is C because A is a Volume Formula for the Sphere. It cannot be B or D because B doesn't have the square after the radius and D has a cube instead of a square.

The Answer for this was 190 km.
There was not just one way this could have been done. The way that Mr. Kuropatwa did it was like this.

x = 19 000 000 cm
= 190 km

The way that I did it was what I learned in Science.
In 1 m, there is 100 cm.
In 1 km, there is 1 000 cm.

First, I multiplied 3.8 by 5 000 000 which equaled to 19 000 000 ( cm ).
I then divided 19 000 000 by 100 making me get 190 000 ( m ).
After that, I divided one more time. I divided 190 000 by 1 000 causing it to be 190 km.

Mr. Kuropatwa also thought us:
King Henry Died Mother Didn't Care Much.

Then he drew a staircase from top to bottom: K, H, D, M, D, C, M.
K: kilo
H: hecto
D: deca
M: meter
D: deci
C: centi
M: milli
The Answer for this was 22.62.

For the Last question, I understood it the same way we did it in class. It will be easier to check the blog so I'll be leaving it there. I apologize for not writing it down here. Well this is my scribe and I'm sorry that it's late.
Good Luck with the TEST TOMORROW!

Like Mr. Kuropatwa says, " You can have lucky charms ; they are magically delicious. You can also have a rabbit's foot ; but not a real rabbit's foot because that would be cruel. "

And so I end it here. The Next Scribe will be ANA!

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