Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today we learnt about Operations on Rational Expressions and went into the addition and subtraction, Multiplying and we're going to continue the division part tomorrow. This is what I got out of the class, so I hope it will be helpful.

-We learnt that when adding and subtracting rational expressions you should follow this steps.

1st-Find the Common Denominator.

2nd-Add or Subtract as required.

And whenever your dealing with this kind of expressions ALWAYS remember to WATCH YOUR SIGNS because you could be doing everything right but won't get the right answer at the end because you got your - and + signs mixed up.

Here are some examples to help you with adding and subtracting rational expressions:

In a question like this you would first Mulitply the Expression by 1 like this-

You would then simplify the expression and find the common denominator between them and in this case it would be 4. So now since you have a common denominator you can add your expression and this is how that would look...

Now that you have the same base go ahead and add the expression and your answer should be...
The other thing we did was Multiplying an equation.

-When doing so always remember to

1st-Factor and reduce to simplest form

2nd- Multiply the numerator then the denominator

We also learnt about difference of squares (perfect squares)

As Mr.K said, If you want to factor any difference of squares you should put the square root of the first term and then the square of the second term.

If you had a question likeYour answer would be .... You CAN factor anything out of something!!

So that's some of the things we learnt about today, I apologize if this blog was late(better late than never). Don't forget to do your homeworks, it's excercise 22 and remember to leave out ques. 20.

......and our next scribe will be......(drum role)..........Kimberly!!!

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