Monday, January 19, 2009

jan. 9 2009's class..

On today's class we started the discussion talking about intercepts. We kinda went back to our last year's topic. Then Mr. K gave us a few graph that we could solve. The examples are on the slides. We started the workshop it went great. At first we don't really get it but when me and my group started talking about it I knew it wasn't that bad. Yaseen was pretty tired explaining what he did because he did it like three times. The most confusing part of the discussion was solving the pattern then you need to sketch it in the graph then define if its a function. Jess and Yaseen had a little debate about the equation. They were talking about what is the answer in the equation. It is confusing at first and but the longer we talked about it was ok. We kinda started the making a library or something. But it was something about library. We solved a few number pattern. It was easy. But I'm expecting that it would be hard the moment we came to the point where we should study harder or bigger numbers. Mr. K also told us to study for the exam.

And our assignment is ex. 58..

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Today's Slides: January 19

Here they are ...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm not sure if Ana will be able to blog so in case she's cant, I will do it for the Friday's class.

On Friday, we only got through three slides. But aside from that, the class ended up pretty better than the other dry days; like what Captain Oh Captain had said.

In the beginning of the class, we had a hard time before getting to actual math because of the Blogging thing. Apparently, no one has blogged for the last few weeks meaning us students are actually losing easy marks just by not blogging.

Anyway, we also talked about groups. when Mr. K puts us into groups, he's telling us to work with each member of the group on solving the questions/equations. Or in other cases, sharing how we got to our answer because we cant learn just by watching someone else do it. Mr. K used basketball for example. If we just watched a basketball player shooting hoops, would we actually be able to do it? Of course not. Unless you do have the ability to have that kind of power. But anyway, the point is that we actually have to try it ourselves to get better at it. Mr. K also used a video game example. Most of us had played video games right? Well why don't we treat pre-cal and any other subject like a video game? When we play for the first time, do we actually get to 1st place? No. But it's not like we gave up that easily; WE KEPT TRYING.

Well I'll be talking about the work now. Today was pretty much just a review. As you can see on the slide below, there was this question that said " What is the domain and range of each relation?". For a) D : [ 0, 6] , R : [ 0, 6] The 6 was figured out because the center of the circle was 3. So it's like giving us a radius right there. 3 multiplied by 2 is equal to 6. And the 0 was figured out because it touched the x and y axis. Or well, from my point of view, I think that's how it worked. for b) , c) , and d) are still a little scrambled in my head so I apologize for not being able to explain it.

By the end of the class, we learned about Intercepts. Like when we want to find a y-intercept, we have to LET X = 0. And vice versa for the x-intercept.



PS: I hope I dont get in trouble by scribing -__-'

Monday, January 12, 2009

where i am..

I think the unit on rational expressions and equations went by really slow. Thats why i had a really hard time understanding this unit.

Muddiest point :
- dividing rational expressions
-word problems dealing with making an eqautions.

Today's Slides: January 12

Here they are ...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Muddiest Point.

This unit went really slow and dry. Before the break I was doing fine but after the break I basically forgot all the rules for solving and simplifying.

Muddiest Points are:

*Word Problems - Hard to analyze and use data in an equation

*Factoring - Factoring tougher trinomials.

Where I Am

This unit felt pretty long and kind of boring. I understand some of this unit.

My muddiest points are:

- factoring trinomials that involve 2 variables
- dividing rational expressions

* more practice, a big review, and everything else we need to know before the exam.

Today's Slides: January 8

Here they are ...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today's Slides: January 7

Here they are ...

Where I Am .

For me, this unit was pretty confusing most times. These are my muddiest points :

- factoring long expressions or equations
- a bit having a hard time to follow

all in all, i need some more reviewing and explaining .

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reviewing Rational Exp & Eqns

Hello every one and Happy New Year!
I would like to say sorry for my late post. I will try my best to review what i have learned in class and what i knew about Ration Exp & Eqns.

*We always have to know that restriction are found in the denominator of a rational exp & eqns.
*In some question we cannot find our restriction by not factoring it first.
*After finding the restriction of a question, our answer of that question will not be same or related to the restriction of that question (You may have to try again or the question is wrong).

Here are some examples:
This is what i would do first to find the restriction.
As i see this question one of the thing i would look at is that can i factor it first, my answer would be no.Then the second thing i would look is the denominator where we usually find our restrictions. I would take the denominator and make it as equal to zero.

x=0 Zero is the restriction
Click to practice

Additon/Subtraction of Rational Exp & Eqns:

1. Determine the LCD(Least common Denominator).
2. Rewrite each fraction as an equivalent fraction with the LCD.
3. Add or subtract the numerators while maintaining the LCD.
4. When possible, factor the remaining numerator and simplify the fraction.

The LCD is x(x+2)

I don't have time to explain subtraction of rational expression
but the difference is the Negative sign just be carefull with the sign.
Click to practice!

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for any question or mistakes please make a comment!!

My Muddiest Point!!!

My muddiest point in this unit is the

word problem i don't seem to understand,

but i'm okay with the rational exp & eqns