Monday, November 17, 2008

Where I'm at in Pre-Cal

Polynomial/Factoring- I don't mind polynomials as much but I dislike factoring..alot
I don't understand how to do factoring questions and SOMETIMES certain question on polynomials.

Analytic Geometry- I understand all the formulas, its just sometime the question is put in a certain way,makes me not understand it AT ALL!..I understand most of it, well, most of the simple questions to point it simply.

Trignometry- I understand cos, sin, tan signs. I know how to find all the sides of the triangles...I know how to do Sine Law and Cos Law.
AGAIN, the way the question is put messes me up..

Radicals and Exponents-..I'm getting a little confused how to do some of the questions but I'm slowly understanding it..

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