Monday, November 17, 2008

Where I Am In Pre-Cal

Polynomials and Factoring: I understand polynomials to its fullest. Sometimes when i divide polynomials, i make careless mistakes here or there but that's just cause of lack of practice. I also have trouble with factoring. I know how to do them but it takes awhile for my head to understand what I'm trying to do... yeah. REVIEW

Analytic Geometry: I have learned a lot about analytic geometry, but it was such a long topic that i forgot a lot of it. REVIEW

Trigonometry: Trigonometry didn't come to me right away but i got it at the end. I think you should still go through some of it because a lot of the other students don't understand it very well.

Exponents and Radicals: I sort of know how exponents and radicals work but i think i speak for most of the class when i say, we need ALOT more practice.

* A review of the first term wouldn't be a bad idea.

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