Monday, November 17, 2008

Starting All Over

Today, Mr.K returned to our math class from his long absence and has told us, we are starting all over with the blog.

First, he asked the class how we were doing these past two months and if we needed help on anything. He is willing to help each of us on any of the past few units and only if needed. He expects us to keep track on our current unit, while getting help on past units and work. Also, he is very determined that 100% of us will pass our next quiz.....

The past units are:
- Polynomials/Factoring
- Analytic Geometry
- Trignometry

He also gave us a practice quiz for us to do, which is about radicals. He said it should be a review to us, so he only gave us 5 or 10 minutes to work on it. The practice quiz only consisted of 5 questions. He only looked over 4 of the questions with the whole class, and showed us the correct answers. He taught the class how to figuring out the questions as well.

The practice quiz consisted of questions that helps...

1. How to convert squareroot number to exponential form
example- √10 = 10 1/2 <- exponential form

2. How to convert exponential form to radical form
example- 5 1/2 = √5 <- radical form

3. How to evaluate exponential form
example- 6 -1/2= (1/6)1/2 = 1/3

4. How to write radical as a mixed radical
example- √12 = √4.3 = √4 . √3 = 2√3 <- mixed radical

5. How to write mix radical as an entire radical
example- 5√3 = √25 . √3 = √25.3 = √75 <- entire radical

Vocabulary(For the people who don't understand the words.)

Square Root- A number multiplied by itself.

Exponential Form- A radical form that consists of exponents.

Sorry if this wasn't any help, but I tried :)

Next scribe is my awesome friend, Rowena.

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