Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 20 Pre-Test

Today we had a Pre-Test, these are some the concepts that was included in the Pre-Test.
Rational Numbers
*Can be written as a fraction
*Whole Numbers
*Mixed Numbers
*Decimals that end.
*Decimals With a Pattern.

Irrational Number
*Cannot be written as a Fraction
*Decimals with no end/repeating/pattern.

Radical Operations:

When you have the same radicand/ike terms, you just simply add them together.

For Example:

When both radicands does not have the same value you might consider factoring the number so it can have the same value.

For Example:

*When a problem has same radicand but does not have the same root, you cannot add them together because they are not like terms.

For Example:


Dont forget to use FOIL whe multiplying.

Be careful when subtracting after multiplying! Only add the like terms.
Also don't forget that there's always a one before the root.


The denominator is a sum of 3+y, so we multiply numerator and denominator by the difference 3 - y.

The denominator is a difference of √7 - √5, so we multiply numerator and denominator by the sum √7 - √5

The test is on Monday, so be ready for it.
The next Scribe is ARJEL......

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