Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reviewing Rational Exp & Eqns

Hello every one and Happy New Year!
I would like to say sorry for my late post. I will try my best to review what i have learned in class and what i knew about Ration Exp & Eqns.

*We always have to know that restriction are found in the denominator of a rational exp & eqns.
*In some question we cannot find our restriction by not factoring it first.
*After finding the restriction of a question, our answer of that question will not be same or related to the restriction of that question (You may have to try again or the question is wrong).

Here are some examples:
This is what i would do first to find the restriction.
As i see this question one of the thing i would look at is that can i factor it first, my answer would be no.Then the second thing i would look is the denominator where we usually find our restrictions. I would take the denominator and make it as equal to zero.

x=0 Zero is the restriction
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Additon/Subtraction of Rational Exp & Eqns:

1. Determine the LCD(Least common Denominator).
2. Rewrite each fraction as an equivalent fraction with the LCD.
3. Add or subtract the numerators while maintaining the LCD.
4. When possible, factor the remaining numerator and simplify the fraction.

The LCD is x(x+2)

I don't have time to explain subtraction of rational expression
but the difference is the Negative sign just be carefull with the sign.
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My Muddiest Point!!!

My muddiest point in this unit is the

word problem i don't seem to understand,

but i'm okay with the rational exp & eqns

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