Monday, January 19, 2009

jan. 9 2009's class..

On today's class we started the discussion talking about intercepts. We kinda went back to our last year's topic. Then Mr. K gave us a few graph that we could solve. The examples are on the slides. We started the workshop it went great. At first we don't really get it but when me and my group started talking about it I knew it wasn't that bad. Yaseen was pretty tired explaining what he did because he did it like three times. The most confusing part of the discussion was solving the pattern then you need to sketch it in the graph then define if its a function. Jess and Yaseen had a little debate about the equation. They were talking about what is the answer in the equation. It is confusing at first and but the longer we talked about it was ok. We kinda started the making a library or something. But it was something about library. We solved a few number pattern. It was easy. But I'm expecting that it would be hard the moment we came to the point where we should study harder or bigger numbers. Mr. K also told us to study for the exam.

And our assignment is ex. 58..

the next scribe will be AKEEM??

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