Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 24, 2008

Here is today's assignment.

Go to exercise 5 and do question's 1-3 and 15-16 in your exercise book.

1. Determine the coordinates of the midpoint of the segments with endpoints given below:

a. A(4, 2), B(6, 4)

b. C(-3, 7), D(5, 7)

c. P(10, -5), Q(8, 8)

d. M(9, 6), N(3, 5)

2. A circle has a diameter with endpoints A(-3, -2) and B(5, 2). Determine the coordinates of its centre.

3. The midpoint of AB is M(5, 2). Given A(8, 3), find the coordinates of B.

15. Find the distance AB in each of the following:

a. A(-4, 1), B(-1, -3)

b. A(2, -5, B(1, -1)

16. Find the perimeter of the figure below.

Please try your best to answer all the questions. If I missed anything please feel free to look at today's slide, or ask Dr.Eviatar for any questions.


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