Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, 22nd of September.

Well.. I haven't actually been on the computer lately. To be honest, I totally forgot about this blogger thing. Anyways, I know I'm late for this and I apologize.

Today, we got our tests back. We were suppose to correct them together as a class but Dr. Eviatar decided that it's best if she corrected it herself.

On the 18th which is last Thursday, we had our pretest and shared our answers in groups of three. The following day we had our actual test.

Here's the test that we did:
1. Multiply the following:
a. 12(2b²-3b+9)
b. 3a(-7a+2)

2. If x = 4 and y = -2, fine the values for the following:
a. 3x²-(2y-6)

3. Solve the following equations for x:
a. x over 2 + 6 = x-1
b. 5x-1 over 3 = x + 3

4. Multiply the following polynomials:
a. (7+3x-5x²)(-3x²+2)

5. Factor the following polynomials if possible:
a. 6b²-3b+12
b. x²+14x+24
c. 16-81y²
d. 8a²-24a+18
e. x^4-13x²+36

6. Divide the following polynomials and provide the division statement in either form:
a. (x^3-5x²+10x-15) by (x-3)
b. (x^3-12x-20) by (x+2)

7. The area of a rectangle is (10+25x²-33x+4x^4)m². If the length is (2x-1) find the width of the rectangle.

In case you didn't do well in this test, you just have to try harder next time!
& Tomorrow we will be starting a new unit, so be prepared!
. . . And the next scribe will be, FRANCIS :)

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